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You guys can re-add me at xdr0pdead. This time my journal is going to be friends-only. I was just getting kinda tired of the name, even if I am still into HPDM. XD

Re-add me, bitches. Do eet. (:

EDIT: Obviously if I know you from here you don't have to post a comment asking to be my friend. XD

Beat It - Seriously.

You know, I'm sortakinda really sick of hearing about Michael Jackson this week.

Yeah, it was a huge deal and all, but I dunno. That's just me.

July 15th Seems So Far Away


I am WAY too excited about HP6, seriously.

Obviously, I haven't been much of a Harry Potter fanatic in at least a year, just due to different obsessions over time. But I went back and re-read some of the book a few days ago, and it totally got me hyped up again. (I think I'm gonna make a goal to re-read all of the books before the movie comes out.) Though, I'm also wondering how much is gonna be cut out of the movie.

I think the part I want to see the most is the Sectumsepmra scene (try saying that five times fast). I dunno. Every time I read about it, it always seemed to me like that would be the point where, after Sectumsempra almost killed him, Draco would start to mean way more to Harry. Or that could just be the inner fangirl talking. Who knows? All I know is that I adored this book.

Regardless, I'd still like that to be in there. Not only does it make just the most amazing HPDM scene ever (besides the obvious; i.e., the Fiendfyre, "I'll take you on anytime I want," said Malfoy. "Tonight, if you want.", etc.), but if they actually show all the blood described in the book, that'd be the coolest piece of shit ever.

So, my loves, which of your favorite parts are you hoping to see in the movie?


"Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch.
He was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy."
-Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, pg. 409

Off The Hook!


Finally finally finally finally.

Oh my GOD.

A year. My mom banned LJ for a year. And she finally has some shred of trust for me again.

Tell me how you've all been while I've been away, I miss you all so much!!



Yikes. D:

Holy hell, it's been ages.

Just so you all know I'm not wiped off the face of the planet, I'm grounded (got busted for watching Queer As Folk) and am not allowed to be on LJ anymore.

And in that time period, my obsessions have gone from High School Musical to RENT to QAF to Disturbing Behavior (horror-ish movie with James Marsden, which is amusing when you think of his role in Enchanted) to Scrubs. I'm pretty covered, for now, until I go completely insane.

I'll be able to check up on my LJ every once and a while, but only when I get a chance to sneak out of the house and onto someone's computer.

Any comments sent I'll be able to read via email, but I won't be able to respond unless you email.

If anybody needs me for any reason or just wants to chat, you can email me at kittykris134@aol.com. I'm not allowed on chats, either, but my mom doesn't know I have that address. ;)

Miss you and love you all,

xx Kristen

P.S. Jenwyn, I was DEVASTATED that I couldn't finish reading Boy Disease. Any chance you could email me the last few chapters?

And Hannah. My God, Hannah. Three words, love: I MISS YOUUUU~ -bawls- I miss your stories and your crazy sense of humor and your over-obsessiveness over Lukie so so sosososo much. <3

And last but not least, Stef. -hugs- How are things with you and your son? I miss opening up to you. You're like, the mom I always wanted. Or something. /: Hope you're doing well, anyways. :]


I finally managed to find that picture of my HSM birthday cake my mom made me. Yay!!

None of it was fondant, either, so it was all tasty (and really hard to make, I'd imagine).


I took pictures of my room and all it's Disney glory yesterday. For like, no apparent reason whatsoever. But my friend Sara got me bunches of HSM-related posters from magazines on her way back from camping, so I had to put them up and post.

And I stuck a Ryan sticker on my phone, because Lucas is just too fabulous not to pass up a chance to carry him around with you. :]

I am way too obsessed. xD 

Today 4 U, Tomorrow 4 Me

Yay for new layout!!

I finally had the time to create a whole new layout. Kind of Christmas-y, looking back on it, but oh well. It's still wintertime. ;) And if anyone has some nice patterns that I could use for the background, I'd appreciate that, because the blue is so plain. x___x

I've never been so hooked on a dead character before, but I seriously love Angel. Dude, he totally killed Benny's dog; he's such a badass. xD

And God--I'm totally, completely, and utterly obsessed with RENT, if it wasn't obvious enough. I love HSM, but I absolutely adore RENT right now.

Oh yeah, because scots_in_kilts  is made of pure awesome, I now have the soundtracks!! So darling, I love you to pieces. Thanks so much. ♥

-flails wildly-


-spins in circles repeatedly- Ohmygod. I was ecstatic when I found it online. The quality sucked, but it still doesn't bring down that it's the best movie EVER. I even think it precedes High School Musical, at the moment. Now, with a huge surge of pride, I look at Jenwyn's banner and totally get it now. xD

And DUDE. She paired up all my favorite pairings. So like, Troy (Roger) is with Gabriella (Mimi), Ryan (Angel) is with Chad (Collins), which I absolutely love.
It's so true 'cause Chad and Ryan will SO admit their love for each other by randomly bursting out into song on the streets like Collins and Angel did. ♥

Anyways, then there's Taylor (Joanne) and Sharpay (a PERFECT Maureen), and Jason (Mark) and Zeke (Benny), who're...uh, alone. xD But even so! It still so fits everybody. Except Zeke. 'Cause Zeke is a lovable, huggable soul who would be more than welcome to give people money instead of take it. And who bakes.

If you've seen it, I want to discuss it really badly. Like, reeeeeaally badly.

Now, if I could just finish Wicked, I can go find out if the show is coming to my city, and then I can be proud that I saw that, too! \o/



My cousin didn't understand what was so important when I asked her for them, despite being HSM obsessed like me (not quite as much, but still).  If she ever found out...well, I'll just have to hide them. ;)

Now every time I wear them, I'm going to be thinking about Ryan.

This is awesome. <3 

Home Sweet Home

I'm home. :D

And I missed people! I'm spending the night with Jessie, so I will check my F-page in a bit. =P

ILY. (And Hannah, I miss you. xD I'm not sure why, but every time a conversation came up about gay guys I think of you.)

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